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Rice Drum Song

Tinh Tu Tin (Tnh Tự Tin) by Pham Duy
English verses by Pham Quang Tuan

1. My love (s)he's got a little drum,
Oh how he plays his love-a-drum drum
(Love-a-drum drum
Love-a-drum drum)
Come and see the boys and girls
They cross the stream
To find, find their dream
(Find their dream)
(Drum-a-drum drum,
drum-a-drum drum,
drum-a-drum drum)

2. REPEAT [1]

3. Drum-a-drum drum
I can see these boys and girls
(I can see these boys and girls)
They cross the stream
To find find their dream
(find their dream)
Let's sing a drum-a-drum-a-song
(Let's sing a drum-a-drum-a-song)

4. My love she's got a little song,
Oh how she sings her love-a-song song
(Love-a-song song
Love-a-song song)
Come and hear the little diddle birds
They sing in the tree
So happy to be free
(To be free)
(Drum-a-drum drum,
drum-a-drum drum,
drum-a-drum drum)

5. REPEAT [4]

6. Drum-a-drum drum
I can hear these little diddle birds
(I can hear these little diddle birds)
They sing in the tree
So happy to be free
(To be free)
Let's sing a drum-a-drum-a-song
(Let's sing a drum-a-drum-a-song)




The Wind On The Bridge
Qua Cầu Gi Bay

Folk song, collected by Pham Duy
English verses by Pham Quang Tuan

To you, I'll give my hat(*) to you
And I will lie to Mom and Dad (ooooo)
That when I was on the bridge
(That when I was on the bridge)
The wind it blew...
(The wind it blew ...)

To you, I'll give my shirt(*) to you
And I will lie to Mom and Dad (ooooo)
That when I was on the bridge
(That when I was on the bridge)
The wind it blew...
(The wind it blew ...)

(etc. replace "hat" by "shirt", "ring" and other items of clothing for each new verse)




Pretty Bamboo Tree
Cy Trc Xinh

Folk song, collected by Pham Duy
English verses by Pham Quang Tuan

Bamboo tree
Oh lovely bamboo tree
Standing idly by the pond ...
Pretty girl,
Why are you standing there by the pond
Pretty girl come to me.
(There by the pond
Pretty girl
Bamboo tree)

Bamboo tree
Oh lovely bamboo tree
Standing idly by the shrine ...
Pretty girl,
Yore lonely standing there by the shrine
Pretty girl come to me.
(There by the shrine
Pretty girl
Bamboo tree)




Introduction to Phạm Duy's "Mẹ Viet Nam"

Pham Quang Tuan

Me Viet Nam (Mother Vietnam) was written during the 1960s as the Vietnam war was rapidly escalating. As Pham Duy recounts, "in the troubled and divided atmosphere of that period, everybody was looking for a common denominator. I did not need to look very far: that common denominator was Mother Viet Nam! To find our lost nation, our compatriots, our people, our humanity, we had to go back to Mother Viet Nam. That's how Me Viet Nam came about..."

A programmatic composition built on a highly structured and coherent symbolism, Me Viet Nam comprises four parts: Mother's Earth, Mother's Mountains, Mother's Rivers and Mother's Seạ In the composer's own words, "in her youth [Part I], Mother Vietnam embodies the fertile Earth, loving and passionate, the foundation of family, ricefields, villages and country. In middle age [Part II], she becomes the Mountain, patient, persevering, sacrificing, protecting the soldier son. Then her heart is broken at the sight of her divided children the Rivers [Part III], some of whom have gone astray, betraying mother and fighting each other for glory and dominance. In old age [Part IV], Mother becomes the great Sea, generous and forgiving, calling for her children to return..."

The work starts with OUR MOTHER, a solemn hymn, economical - even spartan - in both music and words, as befits the homespun cloth of the subject matter. BEAUTIFUL MOTHER (No. 2) is a masterly allegory, the geographical image of Viet Nam lying by the Pacific merging imperceptibly into that of a youthful, sensual woman waiting for love. MOTHER'S WAIT (No. 3) refers to the legend of the goddess Nu Oa, who had a contest with her husband to see who could raise the tallest pillar; Nu Oa won but in the process the sky collapsed, and she had to carry stones to mend it. It is worth noting Pham Duy's comfortable attitude towards the Chinese cultural heritage, in contrast to the strident nationalistic attitude often heard today.

MOTHER'S RICE (No. 4) is, together with Mother Ocean (No.16), perhaps the most accessible piece, celebrating young love and Mother Earth's rice crop. In SHE WELCOMES FATHER (No. 5) the important role of the Vietnamese woman in the family and the nation is highlighted. The song alludes to several legends. At her husband's instigation, Chau Long went to live with his friend and benefactor Luu Binh who had fallen in bad times, encouraging him to persevere and overcome his troubles, and all the time remaining faithful to her husband. Kinh Tam was a woman wrongfully accused of trying to murder her husband; to escape opprobrium, she disguised herself as a man and took on a monk's robes, only to be accused by a village coquette of fathering her baby. Out of kindness, she remained silent and raised the child to manhood. Finally the "warrior with velvety eyes" could be any of several national heroines of ancient Vietnam, the most famous being the Trung sisters and Lady Trieu.

The sky suddenly darkens as we enters Part II (Mountains). In MOTHER'S QUESTION (no. 6) the shadow of war descends. The theme is elaborated in the melancholic THE FESTIVAL IS OVER (No. 7), set to a tune of Hat Ly (southern lullaby). The drums shaking the moonlight on the Great Wall is an image from Doan Thi Diem's Chinh Phu Ngam (Song Of The Soldier's Wife). In the second section, the legend of the Nam Xuong woman is introduced for the first time. While her husband Truong was at war, she amused her child by pointing to her shadow on the wall and calling it his father. When the soldier returned, the child told him, in the mother's absence, that he could not be his real father who came only at night. Truong thereafter angrily accused her of being unfaithful, whereupon she threw herself in the river. Here Pham Duy has adapted the legend and the shadow is cast by the setting sun on the dyke.

MOTHER IN THE TRAVELLER'S HEART (No. 8) is a march, but an unusual one with a lingering feeling of compassion and a longing for peacẹ Lam Son (Blue Mountain) was the base from which Le Loi liberated Vietnam from the Chinese invaders in the 15th century, while Hoanh Son, a buttress of the Annamitic Range, was foretold by the great Vietnamese astrologer Nguyen Binh Khiem to give "protection for ten thousand generations". MOTHER'S ANSWER (No. 9) gives a delayed reply to No. 6, yet the tone is just as mournful.

In MOTHER TURNS INTO STONE (No.10), the shadow of the Nam Xuong soldier has come and gone for the four thousand years of Vietnam's historỵ Mother's milk has dried after witnessing all the hardships. At the sight of suffering in all directions, she turns into stonẹ Again this is an adaptation of a well known legend, Hon Vong Phu (The Rock of Expectation), in which a soldier's wife carrying her child waited for her husband day after day on a mountain top, until she herself turned into a rock (reputedly still a landmark in Vietnam). With this comes the end of Part II.

LONGING TO GO HOME (No. 1 is a short, melancholic folk rhyme leading into the frenetic OBSESSED RIVERS (No. 12). Mother Vietnam's children, represented by her rivers, are possessed by dreams of glories and begin to forget Mother. The mighty, often destructive Red River and the Bach Dang (White Crested) are mentioned, the later being the site of two famous naval victories, King Ngo Quyen's in the tenth century (which opened Vietnam's independence era) and General Tran Hung Das over the Mongols.

RIVERS ENTOMBING MOTHERS (No. 13) contains references to three different stories, one real, one semi-mythical and one fictional. In 40 ẠD., after her husband was executed by the Chinese overlords, Trung Nu Vuong rallied the people and liberated Vietnam from the Chinese yoke for a short period before being defeated by the Chinese general Ma Vien. She defiantly threw herself into the Hat river rather then submitting. The Nam Xuong lady is again mentioned. The last stanza refers to the wife of You Must Live, a short story by the contemporary writer Khai Hung; when a peasant couple was swept away by the rising flood, she refused her husband's help and gave up her life so that he might live and raise the children.

RIVERS WHICH HAVE LOST THEIR WAY (No. 14) is a logical continuation of No. 12 and is set to the same theme. The River children are now completely captivated by their ideologies, as represented by the colors red, brown, yellow etc., and having lost their souls begin to fight each other. RIVERS OF DIVISION (No. 15) starts with an untranslatable word play on "dividing (or divided) water", since "nuoc" means both country and water. There is a quick reference to the legend of the heavenly princess Chuc Nu, who fell in love with her father's cowherd; as a punishment he was banished to the other side of the Silvery River (Milky Way) and the couple was allowed to be reunited only once every autumn. The Thuong river's murky and clear halves flowing side by side have long been another symbol of separation. The Gianh divided Vietnam during the Trinh Nguyen secession (1600-1786) just as the Ben Hai river divided Vietnam after independence in 1954. At the end, a ray of hope comes with the faint voice of long forgotten Mother calling to her children, leading to Part IV (Sea).

The faint voice turns into a soothing lullaby as MOTHER OCEAN (No. 16) brings a hopeful mood, then into persistent sea calls in the evocative WAVES ON THE EASTERN SEA (No.17). Finally the call is heeded in the joyful and rhythmic HOMEWARD SAIL THE BOATS (No. 18). This song, and No. 20, end with the familiar "stork" folk strain symbolising a return to Vietnamese values.

LIGHTNING ON THE SEA, RAIN ON THE SPRINGS (No. 18) brings a note of mysticism as sadness and joy intertwinẹ The title is from a folk rhyme, and Pham Duy himself explained: "At her children's return, mother's joyous tears evaporate and rise to the sky to form clouds full-bodied and warm, which float away to cleanse the whole earth, closing the full circle of Me Viet Nam." This cyclic theme is developed further in SILTING SANDS AND SWIRLING CLOUDS (No. 20), in which Sea Mother sends back silt and sand to build up the earth from which she came, as "lifeblood circles back to the heart". In the poignant O MOTHER VIETNAM (No. 2, the repentant children promise to love each other and cherish Motherland for ever.

The Finale, VIETNAM VIETNAM, has been called the Vietnamese's "unofficial national anthem" and is one of their best loved songs. Its grand vision, built on universal love and humanity, is rare in Vietnamese literature and music. Contemporary history is never far, however - the innocuous "sacred flame" is an allusion to the monk Thich Quang Duc's fiery self-immolation, which contributed to the downfall of Ngo Dinh Diem in 1963.



1. To get the CD "Mẹ Viet Nam" go to Phạm Duy's homepage.

2. The English verses of Me Viet Nam are for singing and therefore aim to convey ideas and moods rather than to be an accurate translation. As far as possible, however, all references to Vietnamese mythology, popular literature and history have been preserved.




By Phạm Duy
English lyrics by Pham Quang Tuấn




Me Viet Nam, no rouge, no powder
Me Viet Nam, just soil and sun
Me Viet Nam, no silk, no velvet
Me Viet Nam, just plain homespun


Her cheeks rosy, so rosy, her hands so white,
Slender of build, rounđbreasted, waist wasp-like,
- In the wind she lies -
O Me Viet Nam, eyes so clear, hair a-streaming in the wind,
By the ocean, legs a-stretching, she's looking for the rain.
For husband fair she looks for husband fair,
The gentle earth is eager to welcome the ploughshare
- In the mist she smiles -
O Me Viet Nam off'ring her suntanned body, Me Viet Nam
Virgin ricefield, waiting still for seeds to come, Me Viet Nam
Beneath the dawn sky,
In golden twilight,
The swallows of spring are soaring in free flight
In search for love, Me Viet Nam!


For her husband Mother waits,
Arms outstretched she mends the skies.
In hills and streams her love endures,
The soul of Oa-Nu in her eyes.


We met when earth was brown,
When seeds slept in the ground.
When rain in Spring came late,
Hand in hand, we knelt in wait.

Then rain at last came round,
Green tips showed through the ground,
In close embrace we felt
Sweet raindrops dripping down.

Green ran the countryside,
Love grew one Summer night,
In the cool breeze from the South,
Under the moon we made our vows.

Far stretch the golden plains,
Sweet smells the ripened grain,
Young bride, ll take you home
In the gentle Autumn rain...


She welcomes him, welcomes him with open arms.
Though life be hard, true love is in their hearts.
- Love is in their hearts -
O Me Viet Nam, all year round she works hard to feed her man,
O Me Viet Nam, day and night she keeps the fire, waves the fan.
Devoted wife, she may have been Chau-Long
Repaying his debts, always keeping her faith pure and strong.
- She's novice Kinh-Tam -
As a novice, for a fatherless child she took the blame,
Kind and loving, silently she raised him in her namẹ
She is the warrior with velvety eyes,
Deadly to her foes, in battle she still smiles
A smile for peace, Me Viet Nam!



1. MẸ TA

Mẹ Việt Nam, khng son khng phấn
Mẹ Việt Nam, chn lấm tay bn
Mẹ Việt Nam, khng mang nhung gấm
Mẹ Việt Nam, mang tấm nu sồng.


Đi m tươi hồng, m tươi hồng, với bn tay trắng
Nhỏ người vai lẳn, v căng trn, trn lưng ong
Mẹ nằm phơi gi trăng
i Mẹ Việt Nam, Nghing mắt xanh chải tc my ngn
Mẹ Việt Nam, Bn bờ đại dương
Mẹ duỗi chn di chờ mưa tun, Mẹ Việt Nam
Mẹ mong, mong chồng Cũng như l ruộng su nng
Ruộng cứng hay mềm
Cũng m đềm đn lưỡi cầy tm da thơm
Mẹ cười trong gi sương, i Mẹ Việt Nam
Dng tấm thn nhuộm nắng nu rn, Mẹ Việt Nam
Đy ruộng đồng trinh
Mẹ kht khao mầm, mầm tươi ngon, Mẹ Việt Nam
Trời Đng nh dương hồng
Cũng như chiều vng mnh mng
C đn chim n lượn trn đất xinh
Chứa chan tnh, l tnh mong chờ
Mẹ Việt Nam.


Mẹ chờ mong Ngy trng thng đợi
Đợi Thần Trai đội đ v trời
Với hồn Nữ Oa Mẹ giơ tay đn
Với tnh nước non Mẹ cn chờ mong.

4. LA MẸ

Yu nhau khi la chưa mng
Thương nhau khi nắng kh đồng
m nhau nghe nước mưa rng

Chẩy vo lng cập tnh nhn
Bn nhau khi la xanh rờn
Chia nhau bng chĩu thơm vng
Đem nhau ra giữa sn lng
Nhn đn trăng kể truyện xưa
Xinh xinh bi la xanh r
Ngoan như cơn gi đm h
Nghe hơi dưới đất vỗ về
Một lời thề nặng tnh quệ
Vươn vai la nhớn dậy th
Mưa thu cưới la đem về
Nng niu la chn tới kỳ
Kỳ nở hoa, đẹp lng ta.


Mẹ đn cha về, đn cha về
Duyn thề chắp nối
Cuộc đời tri nổi, vẫn tươi cười v lng vui
Đời ngho nhưng c đi
i Mẹ Việt Nam
Năm thng lo gạo gnh nui chồng, mẹ Việt Nam
Đm ngy thầm mong
Lửa bếp thơm nồng tnh uyn ương, mẹ Việt Nam
Mẹ yu, yu chồng c khi Mẹ l Chu Long
Nợ trả thay chồng vẫn giữ lng
Trắng như ngần v sạch trong.
Mẹ l tiểu Knh Tm ln cha giải oan
i st thương trẻ khc trong vườn, trẻ con hoang
i Mẹ từ bi
Giọt mu rơi ny, Mẹ nhận l con, mẹ Việt Nam.
Việt Nam c anh hng, mắt nhung v mi son
Giữa ma Xun giết giặc
Yu nước non, h mi cười
Nụ cười thanh bnh
Mẹ Việt Nam.





For king
For lord
He goes...
O God how many foes
Must he kill, kill for them?


Springtime breeze, upon the hillsides
Wild flowers sway,
Wild flowers swaỵ
Young mother's thoughts stray
On this Spring daỵ..
It's festival time
Whers the laughter gonẻ
Whers the young folk gonẻ
They went long ago
When drums shook the moonlight
On Great Wall one night,
The men went to fight
On far battlegrounds.
The festival is over now!

Summer breeze, the setting sun wanes
On the hill
On the hill.
One Summer day,
The child stops play,
Where is my dad?
Like Nam-Xuong's soldier
Is he gone forever?
The lingering light
Plays tricks on the dykẹ
Could this shadow bẻ
My son, can you see
Your wish has come true!
Your father's come home to you!


Deep run the forests
Tall rise the mountains
Yet we know therll be a waỵ
Though hardships may abound,
Though dangers surround,
Yet we know wll see the daỵ

To Lam-Son we go
To That-Son we go
Where ancient battles were won.
Hoanh Son's great rampart
Faithfully stands guard,
Yes, we know therll be a waỵ

Remember Mother's words
In days long past we heard
Life was made to share
Man was born to care
Yet the world has seen many sorrows.
War rages through our land,
Our people need our hand,
Let's join our Mother in the mountains.
My love, yore called to war,
ll wait for evermorẹ
Our mulb'ry ll tend,
Our child ll defend,
While the soldier answers his Mother's call.
Her arms extending wide,
She stands by our side,
Her son for her love must fight!


For people
For country
For village,
Keep well my love and fight
I'll raise, raise our child.


Autumn wind, a young child sleeps
Mother sings,
Mother sings.
For four thousand years
The shadow has called
The shadow has gone
The shadow has fall-en
To nourish the fields.
Hilltops have gone white
As bones bleached and dried,
And blood stained the earth
And Mother's milk dried.
But when good news came
Her breasts gave forth a sweet milk stream!

Winter chill, she stands and she looks
In the four winds
What does she see?
A ploughman in rags,
A peddling girl
And her unsold cakes.
She stands and she finds
A young begging child,
A human draught horse
With a lumbering cart,
A poet downhearted,
Then Mother turns into stone.



Lnh vua !
Lnh cha !
Lnh lng !
Trời ơi ! Giết bao nhiu giặc
Cho chng, chng phải đi ?


Gi ma Xun,
Mẹ bng khung hỏi :
Hoa trn đồi, hoa trn đồi
sớm tối cn tươi
Giữa ngy xun mới,
giữa hội ma vui
Sao vắng tiếng cười ?
Sao vắng bng người ?
Tiếng trống, trống năm xưa,
trống đổ, đỏ đm khuya
Trn trường thnh trăng ngả,
cho tn cuộc vui nhỏ
Cho ai tiễn đưa người
Ra đi chốn xa vời, hỡi aị

Gi h qua, Mẹ ra con hỏi
Khi trn đồi, khi trn đồi
nắng qui chiều hm
C phải chng Trương
gốc miền Nam Xương
Xa vắng xm lng
v cha ở chiến trường
Nắng sẽ sẽ khng đi,
bng Mẹ ngả trn đ
In hnh người chiến sĩ,
cho Mẹ nhn con trẻ
Con ơi hỡi cha ka
Mau ra đn cha về với con.


Đồi cao, cao ni cao
Rừng su, su r su
Cũng c, c lối leo đường tro
Đường treo, treo giữa đo
Đường dẫu, dẫu hiểm ngho
Đường ta, ta vẫn c lối theo
Đường ln, ln ni Lam
Đường sang, sang Thất Sơn
Đường tới những chiến cng ngọn nguồn
Honh Sơn nghing dẫy nằm
Vạn kiếp chốn dung thn
Đường đưa ta đến với người thương.

Ra đi cn nhớ ngy nao
Nui con Mẹ vẫn nguyện cầu
Người sinh ra c nhau
Phải thương nhau mến nhau
Nhưng đ c biết bao phen khổ đau
Giặc xm lăng nước nh
Phải cứu lấy đn ta
Th ta ln ni với Mẹ gi
Anh ơi ! Phải lnh th đi
Nơi qu em gn giữ lời thề
Vườn du em đốn su
Trẻ thơ khn lớn mau
Cho chiến sĩ bước theo tiếng Mẹ ku
Mẹ giơ tay đn cho
Gn giữ lũ con yu
V yu, con chiến đấu di lu.


Giữ dn !
Giữ nước !
Giữ lng !
Giữ thn cho Mẹ !
Cho nng dậy con.

10. MẸ HO Đ

Gi ma Thu, Mẹ ru con ngủ
Con vẫn chờ
Con vẫn chờ
Bng cũ người xưa
Bốn nghn năm qua,
bng về rồi đi
Bng ng chiến trường
lm phn bn cnh đồng
Tc ni đ phơi xương,
mu nhuộm cả vai non
Ai lm dng sữa cạn?
Xin mời Mẹ ln ngọn
Nghe tin nước vui mừng
Cho nn Mẹ ứa đi dng sữa ngon.

Gi ma Đng, Mẹ khng thấy mỏi
Đứng trng về,
đứng trng về
Bbốn ci trời xa
St người nng phu
chắp từng manh o
Thương gi gnh về
thng bnh ế cuối ngy
Biết mấy nỗi thương vay,
thấy trẻ nhỏ giơ tay
Con ngựa người vất vả,
xe nặng nề qua ng
Thương thi sĩ hay buồn
Cho nn Mẹ ha ra hn ni cao.




I wait on the bank each day
The homeward boat
never comes this way


Khoan hoi ho khoan oi khoan khoan ho ho khoan
Why do you river run across my way?
Khoan hoi ho khoan oi khoan khoan ho ho khoan
Why don't you ferry never come this way?
The mighty Red, so swift he flows,
The Da he grabs, the Lo he tows,
The Bach Dang buries many Northern fleets,
Each one is vying for the greatest deeds.
Heigh ho heigh ho
For fame and glory look how fast they go!
Heigh ho heigh ho
Their mother's waiting but away they flow!
Heigh ho heigh ho
Heigh ho heigh ho


Brave and proud she stood in defeat
and welcomed a glorious death.
Borne away by the wand'ring Haat,
her body drifted on the waves...
Her heart remains for all time
defiant in the wat'ry gravẹ
Reaching to aggrieved souls,
she gathers Nam-Xuong's wife in her arms.
O Mother! Mother!
For your sons and daughters
you chose the river!
O Mother! Mother!
This water forever shall cleanse your children's hearts!
Driftwood, mother was gath'ring
in the shallows by river's sidẹ
Rising flood, surging, swirling wild, took her
in a mad treach'rous tide.


Khoan hoi ho khoan oi khoan khoan ho ho khoan
In many colors, treacherously they ride,
Khoan hoi ho khoan oi khoan khoan ho ho khoan
Engulfing mother, murderous-minded and wild,
The blood red stream fights off the brown,
The sick and helpless green cries out,
The yellow king shows off his golden gown,
The snaking troops follow the dragon's crown.
Heigh ho ho heigh
For fame and glory they have gone astray,
Heigh ho ho heigh
Poor loveless souls who forgot mother's way,
Heigh ho ho heigh
Heigh ho ho heigh


Whereto do rivers go,
Splitting and parting as they flow?
As the Silv'ry Stream divides
The Cowherd and his Princess Bride,
Song Thuong's dark and light
Flow on side by side,
Stream of love and stream of hate and spitẹ
O Song Gianh scene of grandiose schemes!
O Ben Hai of shattered dreams!
Born of joyful springs
Floods of tears you bring,
Cold and grim, soullessly wand'ring streams!
Bonds of friendships and love you part,
Splitting brothers, estranging hearts,
Breaking bones and limbs,
Slashing flesh and skin,
Wounds that leave forever searing scars.
O how many a broken dream
Has passed under Hien Luong's beams?
Sund'ring North and South,
In the mist you flow,
Cold and grim, soullessly wand'ring stream!
Back home a mother yearns
For wayward children to return.



Chiều chiều ra đứng bờ sng
Muốn về qu Mẹ
Muốn về qu Mẹ
M khng c đ !


Khoan hời h khoan, ơi khoan khoan h h khoan
Ai bảo l sng, ơi sng khng c đ ngang
Khoan hời h khoan, ơi khoan khoan h h khoan
Ai bảo l sng, ơi sng khng chờ người sang
Sng Hồng cuộn sng li cuốn Sng L
Sng Đ, Sng Đuống tri xuống Sng Cầu
Nghe Bạch Đằng Giang chn bao nhiu xc qun Tầu
Sng no cũng muốn đến trước tranh lấy cng đầu
Khoan hời h khoan
Sng cn ngổn ngang
cho nn chưa được bnh an
Khoan hời h khoan
Sng cn mải m cho nn chưa về Mẹ qu
Khoan hời h khoan
Khoan hời h khoan


Nhớ xưa, nhớ Mẹ, nhớ Mẹ xưa
Mẹ xuống sng rửa nhục anh hng
Mẹ tri trn dng sng Ht
Nước ngược sui đưa Mẹ đi mun nơi
Nhớ chăng, nhớ Mẹ, nhớ Mẹ chăng?
Chn đy sng mối hận yu chồng
Chng Trương c buồn thương khc
Rước Mẹ ln, nước thing sẽ giải oan
Nhớ Mẹ, nhớ Mẹ
Yu đn con, thương đn con
Nn trao thn cho nước ngoan.
Nhớ Mẹ, nhớ Mẹ
Trn trường giang mong đn con
Sng tri xuốt đời trong trắng
Hỡi i ! C ngy, c Mẹ vui
m sng bơi, vớt củi sng di
Ngờ đu sng đảo đin say mu
Nước cuộn mau khiến cho Mẹ chm su.


Khoan hời h khoan, ơi khoan khoan h h khoan
Ai bảo l sng, ơi sng khng dm Mẹ oan
Khoan hời h khoan, ơi khoan khoan h h khoan
Ai bảo l sng, ơi sng khng đổi mầu lun
Sng đỏ như mu tranh đấu sng nu
Sng vng xanh yếu ku cứu sng giầu
Sng nhuộm vng mau chia nhau uốn khc khoe mầu
Sng rồng li ko lũ rắn đi cắn sng đo
Khoan hời h khoan
Sng tm vẻ vang cho nn qun lời Mẹ khuyn
Khoan hời h khoan
Khng tm tnh thương cho nn khng đường về tim
Khoan hời h khoan
Khoan hời h khoan.


Nước đi l nước khng về
Chia đi dng nước chia li dng sng
Chia đi bn bờ bến lạnh lng
Cho Ngưu Lang v Chức Nữ ngại ngng
Chia đi dng sng Thương
Nước bn đục bn trong
Nước n tnh đổi thnh ra nước căm hờn
Chia sng Gianh phn tranh mộng đồ vương
Chia con sng Bến Hải buồn thương
Nước yn vui từ nguồn
Bỗng gy nn điều buồn
Dng lệ tun thnh sng khng c linh hồn
Chia anh em v qun tiếng gia đnh
Chia tay chn v cắt đứt ngang mnh
Chia thn hnh yu đương
Cắt da thịt chia xương
Tri tim buồn cn hằn in vết thương lng
Sng tang thương tri nghing nhịp cầu sương
Cho th lương điếm cỏ Hiền Lương
Nước sng tri bềnh bồng
Thiếu bao nhiu mặn nồng
V dng sng, dng sng chia rẽ đi đường
Lũ con lạc lối đường xa
C con no nhớ Mẹ ta th về.





She sings a lullaby of gently lapping tide,
A vast embrace of blue turquoise she opens wide,
Bestows her gift of salt to bring us pleasure at meal time,
With fish and prawn she fills the net of a grateful child.
Our Mother's old and sweet
She threatens no big storm,
Her rain is gentle and her wind is mild.
Each day her hopeful heart turns to the morning sun's warm rays,
Each night her longing rises for the children gone astray.
She looks to Northern winds
And to the sunny South,
Love reaching out to boundless empty space.
The lullaby of pines and gently lapping tide
Is calling wayward children back to Mother's side.




Ha a a ho o hoy
Over the Eastern sea
Ha a a ho o hoy
The waves are roaming free
Calling on wand'ring sails
To return home from all four seas.
Ha a a ho o hoy
Ha a a ho o hoy
Rivers come from far and wide
Born on snow-lined mountainsides
To Viet Nam they converge
And merge in Mother Ocean's tide.
Ha a a ho o hoy
Ha a a ho o hoy


With billowing sails we catch the fresh'ning breeze,
Along the river t'wards the sea we ride with ease,
We ride the playful waves, the playful waves.
We ride the playful waves, the playful waves.
We ride the playful waves, so playful the waves.
We children are returning home to Mother Sea,
Our mother waiting, waiting tirelesslỵ
Our mother waiting, waiting tirelesslỵ
Our mother's waiting, waiting tirelessly,
As wand'ring swallows flock home from, from the seas,
Our home so sweet and full of beauties.
Our home so sweet and full of beauties.
Our home so sweet and full, so full of beauties!
With waves so gentle and the sea, the sea so kind.
Wll live in peace with all of mankind.
Wll live in peace with all of mankind.
We build a home of love, our home Viet Nam,
Wll bring our love to all the world with open arms.
Ting ting tang, tang ting ting,
For our Mother, let us sing
We shall love, we shall share
We shall love, we shall share.


Last night lights flashed on the sea
And rain came down on mountainsides...
Sadness and delights they brought, laughs and cries.
Mother smiled and sent her clouds
Ascending to the lofty skies,
And rain washed away
The sins of mankind...


The waves are rising rising with the tide,
In the moonlit night with silt and sand they come to shore,
The surging, swirling waves in the moonlight
The surging, swirling waves in the moonlight
The waves are surging swirling in the moonlight
And salty deltas grow to plains of fertile earth
And lifeblood circles back to my heart.
And lifeblood circles back to my heart.
And lifeblood circles back to my heart,
Young children watch the joyful larks soar and fly
And clouds that float so high, oh so high!
And clouds that float so high, oh so high!
And clouds that float so high, so light and so high!
They roll and swirl and weave their veils 'round the sun,
As seasons come and go, they weave on.
As seasons come and go, they weave on.
As seasons come and go, they weave their dreams
And bring down Mother's rain in sweet, gentle streams
Ting ting tang, tang ting ting
Hand in hand, let us sing
Now wve learnt, learnt to love...
Now wve learnt, learnt to love...


Me Viet Nam always in our hearts (*)
Me Viet Nam always in our hearts (*)
We long for the touch of your hand,
We vow to cherish Mother's land.
Lifs but a brief moment in time,
A mother's love will never die,
O Me Viet Nam,
O Me Viet Nam.

(*) or: Me Viet Nam oi, Me Viet Nam oi



Sng vỗ min man như cu ru m của Mẹ dịu dng
Nước biếc mnh mng như đi tay m của Mẹ trng dương
Mẹ Việt Nam cho qu hương muối trắng
Thm thơm mm cơm mặn nồng
Me cn cho con
Lun lun tm to c lớn tươi ngon đầy thuyền
Mẹ hiền khng ln bo tố
Mẹ gi khng đem nỗi kh
Mẹ l mẹ nh cho mưa với gi hiền kh
Ngy ngy vươn vai
Ra khơi đn nh dương soi con tim bồi hồi
Chiều chiều chơi vơi
Khng ngui thương thương nhớ nhớ con trong cuộc đời
Mẹ tm con trong gi Bắc
Mẹ về phương Nam nắng gắt
Tnh nh mở cửa đem ra gp với bao la
Sng vỗ m m như khuyn con nn trở lại Mẹ hiền
Gi rt thng reo như ku con mau trở về Mẹ yu.


H a hơ ơ hờ
Biển l biển Đng sng gợn
H a hơ ơ hờ
Biển l biển Đng sng gợn
Biển Đng gợn sng tư bề
Gọi thuyền viễn xứ quay về Biển Đng
H a hơ ơ hờ
H a hơ ơ hờ
Sng ra đi từ khi non dại
Từ miền ngoi sng lại Việt Nam
C từ Hi M Lạp Sơn
Cũng về biển Mẹ thnh con một nh
H a hơ ơ hờ
H a hơ ơ hờ


Buồm căng, buồm căng, lộng gi, lộng gi thnh thang
Thnh thang thuyền về
Trn sng trường giang, thnh thang thuyền về
Thuyền về trn lớp sng vui, trn sng vui
Thuyền về trn lớp sng vui, vui vui vui l vui
Đn con về với, với, với biển khơi, khơi Mẹ gi
Mẹ gi đang đn chờ ta, đang đn ta
Mẹ gi đang đn chờ ta, đang đn ta
C đn chim n, n, n từ xa về rồi
Qu ta đẹp lắm Mẹ ơi, ơi Mẹ ơi !
Qu ta đẹp lắm Mẹ ơi, ơi Mẹ ơi !
Biển m sng lặng, lăng, lắng nước ni, ni hiền lnh
Về đy xy đắp mối tnh, một mối tnh
Về đy xy đắp mối tnh i tnh Việt Nam
Yu nh yu nước, nước, nước v thương thương mọi người
Tnh tnh tang tang tnh tnh,
yu Mẹ gi, thương Mẹ ta
Đn con nhớ, nhớ yu nhau
Đn con nhớ, nhớ thương nhau.



Đm qua chớp bể mưa nguồn
Để người trong nước hết buồn lại vui
Vui buồn cht lệ rơi
Vui buồn khc lại cười
Mẹ cười Mẹ bốc thnh hơi
My từ biển qu ln ngi trời gi
My về khắp ci đời
Mưa rửa lỗi con người.


Triều dng, triều dng, ngọn sng, ngọn sng theo trăng
Theo trăng vo bờ, m lớp ph sa, theo trăng vo bờ
Ngọn triều dng sng nhấp nh, sng nhấp nh

Ngọn triều dng sng nhấp nh, xa xa xa l xa
Đồng chua rộng nới, nới, nới thnh ra, ra ruộng mềm
Đền bồi cho mu về tim, ln ci tim

Đền bồi cho mu về tim, ln ci tim
C đn chu b, b, b nhn chim, chim ngoi trời
My bay đẹp lắm B ơi, ơi B ơi !

My bay đẹp lắm B ơi, ơi B ơi !
Ln my trắng cuộn, cuộn, cuốn khắp nơi, nơi đợi chờ
Ln my che nắng bốn ma, cả bốn ma

Ln my che nắng bốn ma, bốn ma mộng mơ
Hay l cho nước, nước, nước Mẹ mưa, mưa ngọt bi
Tnh tnh tang tang tnh tnh
Cho đời người thm đẹp tươi
V đ biết, biết yu nhau
V đ biết, biết thương nhau.


Mẹ Việt Nam ơi ! Mẹ Việt Nam ơi !
Mẹ Việt Nam ơi ! Mẹ Việt Nam ơi !
Chng con đ về kht khao hơi Mẹ
Chng con xin thề giữ thơm qu Mẹ
Cuộc đời rồi phai tn sau thế giới
Chỉ cn tnh yu của Mẹ m thi
i ! Mẹ Việt Nam !
i ! Mẹ Việt Nam !






Viet Nam, Viet Nam the sounds I heard
The very day I saw the world,
Viet Nam, my land!
Viet Nam, Viet Nam the words I'll say
The very last on my dying daỵ
I see thy many splendors,
Heights of soaring grandeur,
Mighty neverending streams.
I hear thy voice proclaim
That freedom is thy aim,
That happiness for all is thy dream.
Thy future is in sight,
A sacred flame so bright
That one and all on Earth shall see.
For Mankind we shall fight
With love instead of might
To build a world that's just and free.
Viet Nam, Viet Nam!
Eternally will shine thy flame!
Viet Nam, Viet Nam!
For ever live thy name!




Việt Nam, Việt Nam, nghe tự vo đời
Việt Nam, hai cu ni bn vnh ni:
Việt Nam, nước ti
Việt Nam, Việt Nam, tn gọi l người
Việt Nam, hai cu ni
Sau cng khi li đời.
Việt Nam đy miền xinh tươi
Việt Nam đem vo sng ni
Tự Do, Cng Bnh, Bc i mun đời
Việt Nam khng đi xương mu
Việt Nam ku gọi thương nhau
Việt Nam đi xy đắp yn vui di lu
Việt Nam trn đường tương lai
Lửa thing soi ton thế giới
Việt Nam ta nguyền tranh đấu cho đời
Tnh Yu đy l kh giới
Tnh Thương đem về mun nơi
Việt Nam đy tiếng ni đi xy tnh người
Việt Nam ! Việt Nam !
Việt Nam qu hương đất nước sng ngời
Việt Nam ! Việt Nam !
Việt Nam mun đời !


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